Aol Launches Digg Like Beta Site

In a move to take advantage of the large numbers of visitors they get every month, Aol is coverting the Netscape portal into a digg like portal, where users vote on stories and the more votes a story gets the higher it appears in the results. They are using editors who make notations or pin stories higher, as well as delete comments and bogus articles from some of the haters out there. It’s interesting only because as a webmaster, we are always looking for more visitors and another site that can send them your way is always good, especially if it already has millions of viewers each month, at last count, 811 million page views a month. The other thing the are doing different is adding many categories that digg does not cover, yes I know their new version will, but it’s not out yet. Interesting take, I really, really do not like how they frame the site instead of sending visitors straight there, but they may change this if everyone makes sure their websites busts out of frames. Also, whoever does their servers and DNS should make sure that works just like, right now it doesn’t work without the www. Check it out.