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Top Ten iSeries Questions and Answers

Here is a great post on the IBM iSeries, ranging from user level to admin level, check them out here.

Ken Graap, iSeries i5/OS expert, has been answering’s member questions for over five years. Ken has seen many of the same issues and concerns asked over and over. Therefore, we’ve compiled the top 10 questions asked about iSeries i5/OS for you. Do you have a question that’s not listed here? Ask Ken your i5/OS questions.

1. Creating a command shortcut for WRKOUTQ PRT03
2. Moving a spool files from one system to another
3. Editing a word document stored in an IFS shared directory
4. Setting up Remote Journaling between two i5 servers
5. Control the creation of job logs on your system
6. Distribute copies of spool files to several different printers
7. Set up you i5 system to forward email to a corporate email system
8. Secure production data from PUBLIC access
9. Run as another user without having to sign on as that user
10. Set up secure access to a command line from an interactive job

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Another Microsoft Exec Jumps Ship

Another battle lost by Microsoft. In the latest defection, Vic Gundotra, has jumped ship to Google, he will apparently take a year off, to make sure he clears the non compete agreement and then go to work for the search engine giant.

It hasn’t been a good month for Microsoft’s Google-fighters. So bad that one left abruptly last week, and another decided this week to switch teams.

Vic Gundotra, a general manager for platform evangelism at Microsoft and a 15-year employee, has agreed to join Google after first spending a year working on charitable endeavors, Business 2.0 has learned.

“Mr. Gundotra has resigned from Microsoft (Charts) and entered into an agreement with Google,” Google (Charts) spokesman Steve Langdon wrote in an emailed statement. “He will not be a Google employee for one year and intends to spend that time on philanthropic pursuits. We are uncertain what precise role he will play when he begins working for Google, but he has a broad range of skills and experience which we believe will be valuable to Google.” Source: CNN via techmeme

Scoble says it’s not brain drain, it’s mearly people moving around and taking different positions,

Is there a brain drain going on at Microsoft? It sure looks that way but keep in mind that Vic and I didn’t write code. We didn?t make the products.

Those of us who whether deserved or not become public faces of companies can wildly change the perceptions of those companies.

There are 60,000+ people working at Microsoft. Not two or three. Or even 15.

What’s ironic is I met quite a few employees at Microsoft who used to work at Google. No one talks about them.

On the other hand, this is a win for Google and a loss for Microsoft. They got a good guy. Source: scobleizer

Is there more to come, the Mini Microsoft blog thinks so, as people are talking about RIF’s at Microsoft and reducing employees by 50%. And according to this post on,

Microsoft on Wednesday shuffled around several more executives as part of its ongoing restructuring of the company.

In the most significant of the shifts, senior vice president Orlando Ayala will move from his role overseeing sales to small and midsize companies into a new position overseeing emerging market efforts, reporting to Chief Operating Office Kevin Turner. Eduardo Rosini, who headed Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific unit, will take over Ayala’s role as head of the small and midsize unit, which also oversees Microsoft’s partner network.

Stuff be happening, but I guess if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be any news. ;)

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Intel Formally Unveiled its Xeon 5100 Series Processors

Intel has finally released the Xeon 5100, formerly known os the Woodcrest.

At a launch event here, Intel added little to the Xeon 5100 story that hasn’t already been told. The chip, formerly known as Woodcrest, is based on a new microarchitecture that the company is counting on to improve the performance of its flagging server division.

“We’re back. We’re back to a position we’re used to having,” said Tom Kilroy, the general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

Intel’s server group hasn’t been able to make such a claim in years. The Opteron processor has vaulted rival Advanced Micro Devices from the hinterlands of the server market to a more than 20 percent share, with its superior performance and power consumption.

Intel believes it has turned the tide on performance, citing 25 benchmarks where it holds a lead over AMD. The features of Intel’s new Core microarchitecture, such as a larger and more sophisticated cache memory design and a faster connection to memory, are responsible for the boost in performance over Intel’s older dual-core server processors, Kilroy said. Source:

Nothing compares to real world testing, quote all the benchmarks you want, gimme some hard data.

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New Digg v3 Launched

Was just checking out and it looks like they are launching the long awaited digg v3, they have already added the new categories, like Science, World & Business, Videos, Entertainment and Gaming. Only one with very little in it was World & Business. Looks interesting, still lots of articles to be looked at, too much info and not enough time.

Tried switching to cloud view and it is taking forever, I can see this is not a feature I’ll be using much. Okay, it never loaded the first time, but the second time I loaded it, it worked fine. It appears to just be links to digg stories, with related stories being on the same line, I believe. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

digg story

Also posted this at

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$5 Wireless Router Giveaway

Interesting story on about a company whose goal is to get wireless access to all of the portable devices that can use wireless nowadays. Users who grant access to their wireless networks to Fon users would get free access on all other FON networks, users who do not could pay $3 dollars a month to access the network.

FON, a Spanish start-up on an ambitious crusade to turn home Wi-Fi connections into wireless “hotspots” for nearby users, is set to unveil on Monday a plan to hand out 1 million wireless routers for just $5 apiece.

FON, which aims to create a network of home users and small businesses to resell wireless access to passersby, said on Sunday it will subsidize $60 Cisco Systems’ Linksys or Buffalo routers for $5 in the United States or 5 euros in Europe.

The goal of the Madrid-based company is to build block-by-block networks of shared wireless connections around the globe, turning local Wi-Fi users into an army of “foneros”–its term for people who share wireless access.

read more | digg story

Not sure what to think about this yet, they are reselling other users wireless networks, I think some ISP’s will not like this at all, but the article said they are in talks with many ISP’s about it.

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Dumador Turns PCs to Zombies

Muwahahaha. Sorry couldn’t resist. Hackers are trying to infect pcs by sending cell phone text messages to lure people to a malicious website.

“Thank you for subscribing to – Dating Service ! Your phone will be charged now $2.00 per day untill you unsubscribe online.”

Hackers are using more blended attacks in hopes of creating botnets of many computers that they can control to do such things as launch denial of service attacks, shopping cart scanning, artificially inflate website earnings and more.

The blended attack uses social engineering techniques in its attempt to trick people to the site, security vendor Websense said in an advisory. An SMS text message is sent to the targets’ cell phones, thanking them for subscribing to a fictitious dating service. The message states that they will be automatically charged a fee of $2.00 per day via their phone bill, unless their subscription is cancelled online.

The same message has also been sent multiple times to the comments section of numerous bulletin boards, Websense said. The attack began on Thursday in the U.S. and was first detected by Sunbelt Software, a security software vendor, Websense said. Source: Websense

Once victims visit the purported dating site to unsubscribe, they are prompted to download a Trojan horse program. (A Trojan horse is malicious software that disguises itself as another kind of application.) The attackers provide instructions on how to bypass security warnings in Internet Explorer, Websense said.

After the Trojan horse–a variant of a program Websense calls “Dumador”–is installed, it turns the computer into a “zombie,” allowing it to be remotely controlled by the hackers. The compromised machines then become part of a “bot” network, which can then be used to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks. Source

Websense could not say how many users had fallen for the attack. Monitoring botnet activity is “very difficult” to do because of the crossborder nature of the networks.

The Dumador Trojan allows hackers to use HTTP to control the bots and trigger them to upload information. Typically, the most popular method of bot control is through Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

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USB Teddy Bear

Saw this on engadget, hilarious. Money to be had, money to be had.

usb teddy

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Naked DSL

Have read quite a few articles on Naked DSL lately, which is what phone companies are supposed to provide users who do not want all of their services, which just means, just DSL service. Most companies do provide this, although some look for the loopholes to pass the test. Such as the $1 dollar savings you get with AT&T, or Verizon’s DSL Still Partially Clothed DSL, QWest apparently is the only one who offers naked DSL at only $15 a month, the service is only 256k, but who cares, it’s way better than AOL and cheaper!

If Verizon offered naked DSL around here, I would get it just to get rid of charter and their overpriced services. Anyone using an actual “Naked DSL” service?

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Sony Wants Bloggers to Promote Videos & Music

Sony BMG Music Entertainment wants to give bloggers free music and video to promote on their blogs. Now you won’t have to steal music videos to put on your site. But Sony will still make money.

The music conglomerate is promoting a new site, called Musicbox Video, that showcases videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other material from a broad portfolio of its artists. Want to see a film clip of Bruce Springsteen singing “The River” from the 1980 movie “No Nukes” or some clips from Franz Ferdinand? The site has it.

But Sony will also actively encourage fan sites and bloggers–who are mostly used to receiving cease-and-desist letters from studios–to link to the material. Links for adding Musicbox content are displayed on the site. Individuals thus could create sites focused around certain artists by linking to video channels on the Musicbox site dedicated to them, or link to several channels which, in the aggregate, comprise the most mawkish artists (in the view of the blogger) that Sony has to offer.

Other studios and publishers are looking at putting up similar video deals, he said.

“The media organizations are starting to embrace the idea that their library of assets can be exploited through thousands of touch points,” he said. “It is an opportunity to embrace that urge among consumers to post videos.”

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Trojan targets GooglePages Web Hosting Service

In an article from, a trojan has been discovered on GooglePages, a hosting service offered by Google in February, which was so popular when released, it was taken down within hours due to overwelming demand, only to be restored three days later.

An attacker apparently uploaded a malicious file to a server, part of a service that allows people to create their own Web pages, said Dan Hubbard, the senior director of security research at Websense Security Labs. The Trojan could lie dormant on a user’s system until the individual logs on to a banking Web site and then attempt to steal his or her personal information by capturing their keystrokes, according to a security alert released Friday by Websense.

Although the security monitoring company has detected the presence of the Trojan horse on Google Pages, it has not yet received any reports of bogus e-mails or instant messages that attempt to lure users to click on malicious links or download dangerous files.

“This is not a high-level, zero-day type of threat,” Hubbard said. “But when you have this big of (an Internet site) name involved, security researchers tend to look at it.” Source:

The bigger Google gets, the more people try to make money from it either legally or illegally. See the recent Data-Theft Worm Targets Google’s Orkut, and see a posting on a blog about making money on the internet which describes how a website can spam Google with millions of pages to make money. If you are a webmaster and have seen your pages disapear from Google while the made for adsense crap keeps growing, you’ll have a different opinion of the motto. Do no evil indeed.

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