Printing Mailbox and Presto Services

Do you have family members who live far away but want to see your pictures, and they can’t or don’t know how to get online? Presto Services Inc and HP are looking to fix that problem for you this fall. All you need is the Printing Mailbox inkjet printer from HP and a phone line to plug into it. The printer doesn’t actually need an internet connection, but it does need to download email, email you send to it with the pictures you want to send them.

Are you hooked on e-mail but your parents aren’t? Do they want to see photos of their grandchildren but aren’t up to using a computer much?

Presto Services Inc., a Mountain View-based startup, plans to announce details Tuesday of a service that allows baby boomers and their parents to stay digitally connected without both needing a computer.

Instead, the less-tech savvy recipient would only need a special inkjet printer designed to receive and print out the sender’s e-mails of text or photos ? similar to a fax machine. The printer would have to be hooked up to a phone line but wouldn’t need a special Internet connection. It only receives e-mail and cannot send anything back. Source:

The only thing that could cause problems is when they run out of ink, or refilling the paper. They are aiming for a pretty simple setup, where you plug a phone line into it, and the more tech savvy person would actually setup the account. You can send pictures or regular text emails, much like a fax machine. No pricing information has been released, but that will be the big sticking point, if you only send a few emails to them a year, say around the holidays, you certainly wont want to pay a monthly fee.