Nowadays Financial Reasons are Tops for Malware

It used to be malware, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, etc, were mainly used to garner attention or to expose exploits missed by software creators. Not today, today, 70% of malware is used for financial gain

Seventy percent of malicious software being circulated is linked to various types of cybercrime, a study by security firms Panda Software showed.

The report, based on a survey in the first quarter of 2006, suggested that “financial profit has become a priority” for creators of “malware,” which includes viruses, worms, trojans and spyware, the company said.

“Activities which were previously motivated by the egocentric or narcissistic natures of certain individuals seeking notoriety or looking for a platform to demonstrate their technical know-how, now have a single objective: fraudulently profiting by exploiting the latest technology.”

The report also suggests that hackers are moving away from e-mail worms to forms of malicious code more difficult to detect.

About 40 percent of the problems detected by Panda was spyware, a type of malicious code designed for financial gain, primarily through collecting data on users’ Internet activities.

Another 17 percent was trojans, including “banker trojans” that steal confidential data related to bank services, others that download malicious applications onto systems.

Eight percent of the problems detected were “dialers,” malicious code that dials up premium-rate numbers without users’ knowledge; “bots,” a scheme involving the sale or rental of networks of infected computers, accounted for four percent of the total. Source: Yahoo

It’s only going to get worse and worse, as more and more money is funneled into online advertising, more advertisers and consumers will get taken advantage of by malware. As soon as merchants realize they need to police who is advertising their products and how they are doing it, maybe it will start declining.