Mcafee Launches Apple VirusScan

Windows is still the whipping dog, with the largest market share, but more and more attention is being paid to Apple and their security problems, no matter how small. These will be taken more advantage of as their userbase increases. Not because people want to do Apple like they do Microsoft, it will be purely monetary concerns I am sure. As more people use Apple, the bigger the money made from maleware, spyware, etc.

McAfee has launched a Mac security product, saying that Apple Computer’s OS X is “just as vulnerable” as other operating systems are to targeted attacks.

The antivirus vendor introduced McAfee VirusScan for Mactel on Friday. To back up its statement, McAfee cited the release in March of a patch that fixed 20 vulnerabilities in OS X. A proof-of-concept worm that targeted the OS X platform was also discovered earlier this year.

“Historically, Microsoft has been targeted because it has had dominant market share. As there are more Apple users (in the future), more threats will appear,” Sal Viveros, a security expert at McAfee, told ZDNet UK. Source: