AOL Adds Voice Over IP Product

Looks like AOL is jumping into the Voice over IP market, with the release of AIM Phoneline, that will allow instant messaging users to make calls to and receive from regular phones. This will particularly useful to people who want to be able to talk to their online buddies, but don’t want to give out their home phone number. I also smell another way for pedophiles to contact your children without you knowing, but that’s another blog post altogether.

AOL is pushing farther into the Internet Protocol telephony market with its latest product that allows instant-messaging users to make calls to and receive calls from regular phones.

AOL has already had a “talk” button integrated into its instant-messaging client, but previously it only allowed users to talk to other AIM users online from computer to computer. Beginning May 16, AOL users will be able to use AIM Phoneline, which allows them, from their IM client, to talk to people who are using regular phones.

The basic version of AIM Phoneline is free and allows AOL’s instant-messaging users to get a local telephone number where they can receive phone calls. If the AIM user isn’t online, the call goes directly to voice mail, which can be retrieved from an e-mail account. Users can also make free unlimited local and long-distance calls in the U.S. Canada, and 30 other countries.

AOL users can also subscribe to an unlimited service for a monthly fee of $14.95 (a limited number of subscribers will get a special rate of $9.95 per month). The unlimited service allows users to call landline or cell phones from their IM client using the AIM phone number. Source: