Microsoft Releases Latest IE Beta

Microsoft is releasing the latest version of Internet Explorer, and has plans for one more release.

Microsoft Corp. is releasing a new test version of Internet Explorer, the market-leading Web browser that is facing competition from smaller players.

The new beta, available Tuesday for free download to English-languages customers, includes fixes for problems that were causing Internet Explorer 7 to stop working, said Dean Hachamovitch, general manager in charge of Internet Explorer development.

This is Microsoft’s third beta of Internet Explorer 7 made available to the general public, and Hachamovitch said there are plans for one more. The new version comes amid growing competition from browsers such as Firefox, which has long offered functions such as tabbed browsing. Some also consider other browsers to be more secure, since IE, with its market dominance, is a popular target for attacks.

The final version of Internet Explorer 7 is expected to be released in the second half of this year, around the time a version of Microsoft’s new Windows operating system is expected to be available for business users. Source: Yahoo

Grab the latest beta here,

In a semi-related article, John C Dvorak, long known for “running off at the mouth” on lots of stuff has posted an article calling the integration of IE into the Operating System the Great Microsoft Blunder.

Microsoft should pull the browser out of the OS and discontinue all IE development immediately. It should then bless the folks with a cash endowment and take an investment stake in Opera, to influence the future direction of browser technology from the outside in.

He makes a good point this time, believe it or not.