Interview with a former Employee from 180solutions

Anyone whose ever read my posts knows I don’t like 180solutions and their ilk, recently, it was my pleasure to interview a former employee of 180solutions, referred to as Ex180 in the article. Really interesting info about what it was and is like to work from 180, and no surprise, the employees are embarassed when asked what they really do.

I remember my first embarrassing experience was my fifth day at the company… I got a call from a non-technical co-worker at my previous job to help her uninstall n-case. She knew who I went to work for and it was before the uninstallation stuff was so widely available on the web. That was humiliating… I was like, “wow… people warned me about this place before I came and here’s so-and-so needing help to get this crap off her machine”. Ouch.

Check out the entire interview, 180 From the Inside Out.