Windows Vista Delayed, Again

Today Microsoft announced that Windows Vista will be delayed, and will probably not show up on new pc’s until the first of the year. The reason being they needed a few extra weeks and if they did so, it would hurt some manufacturers more that others, allowing some to launch this year, while others would not be able too.

The delay is the latest setback for Vista. Microsoft scaled back several key features of the operating system last year in order to try to ensure a 2006 release. The operating system, which has been in development for years, was delayed by, among other things, the fact that Microsoft had to put so much time and testing effort into Windows XP Service Pack 2, a largely security-oriented upgrade to the current version of Windows.

Allchin said that although PC makers were not universal in wanting the delay, there were concerns from some companies that they could not ensure a holiday quarter launch if Microsoft pushed back its development schedule even slightly.

Analysts have been warning that Microsoft’s schedule left little room for error if it was to make a fourth-quarter launch. Source:

They don’t expect a slow down in fourth quarter sales though, and this will happen in the same earnings period anyway. They say they are trying to crank up the security levels, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the articles proclaiming that it will end anti spyware companies earnings. More of the same, in this article, has a nice side bar with all of the delay announcements that have affect this release of Windows.