Universities Most Vulnerable to Spyware

Was browsing the net this morning and noticed this article from ITP.net, where Trend Micro was outlining what Universities need to do to help protect themselves and their users from malware, spyware, adware and other IT threats.

?College campuses typically have thousands of computers and few staff dedicated to maintenance and security issues,? Doo explained. ?Administrators say that makes it extremely difficult to monitor what?s happening on every single server and desktop connected to a university system. Academic institutions want to maintain the free exchange of ideas and information between faculty, students and researchers, both on campus and from university to university. At the same time you can?t just put a whole campus behind a firewall. That presents a challenge for keeping networks secure.?

The first priority toward maintaining the appropriate balance between security and freedom, said Doo, is ?to educate users on security risks.? This is where Trend Micro?s university campaign comes in, as the firm and its staff aim to educate institutions about how to best protect their systems.

Trend Micro?s claim is that computer users in universities are under attack from spyware, adware, hacker tools and other unsolicited applications that are often installed without the user?s permission or knowledge. Besides designating a senior administrator to oversee IT security, Doo claims regional universities need to define, communicate, update and enforce university wide security policies. In addition, all network users should use anti -virus software and security considerations need to be included in every IT project. Source: ITP.net.

But there is an easier way, I have been beta testing a solution to all of the problems that Universities face, and as soon as it gets out of beta and I am able to start selling it, then I will detail it more here. But, this solution will remove all forms of malware, spyware, adware, loyalty ware, from your computers, it will inoculate them to keep them from getting infected again and it will discover and find all of the pc’s by itself, all you need to do is setup the policy, and even that is simple, you select when and what it does, deep scan, quick scan, inoculate and then you pick when you want it to run and when you want it to discover the new machines. Sounds pretty simple huh? Well it is, and all you need to run it is a Windows 2003 computer, it will update itself, so you will never, ever have to worry about spyware again, it is working great on our domain, and as soon as the option for multiple domains is added, I will be completely set.

You can also add a piece of hardware to your network, and it works in conjunction with the software to find out how much bandwidth is being used by p2p network usage and instant messaging, and more. Imagine, a spyware free network, with no peer to peer usage eating up your bandwidth. It is possible, it’s not expensive and it’s a piece of cake to use. Stay tuned!