Mini Microsoft Calling for New Leadership

In a blog called Mini-Microsoft a Microsoft employee calls for the current leadership to be fired for missing another fourth quarter with the recent delay of Windows Vista and Office 2007.

I was upset at missing the back-to-school market. Now we’re missing the holiday sales market. All of those laptops and PCs are going to have XP on it. What percentage will upgrade to Vista? Well, I guess that’s the little dream that I need to give up on. Vista’s deployment is going to come from people buying CPUs with the OS pre-installed, not dancing down the CompUSA aisle as they clutch that boxed version of Vista to their loving chest. So not only did we miss last year’s opportunity, we’re missing this year’s opportunity, too. With the convergence of high-tech media, this holiday season would have been an explosive nodal point to get Vista out for a compounded effect.

Yes it would have, and Microsoft is missing the boat with Vista, but, each of the machines they do sale, will still have Windows XP on them, or atleast, most will. The post said he had been waiting until it was released to get his new mega-big-iron PC. Saying, “I’m super-excited to get Vista Ultimate on that new PC and be able to hook Media Center up to my Xbox 360. And now I’ll wait.” See, I don’t understand this point, most people just buy a new pc when they need one, in the workplace, most businesses should have a policy set on how often they replace their pc’s, people like me who are geeks, look forward to playing with the new stuff, but most people don’t care. I don’t need Vista, my mom doesn’t need Vista, so, I won’t see Vista in final release form until I buy a new PC, or until Microsoft sends me a copy, hehe. I haven’t even played with any of the beta’s, XP has been great for me. So, delay Vista all you want, I won’t be buying a new PC for atleast another year anyway, and I certainly won’t be buying a copy of Vista off of the shelf.