Average Broadband User Costs Companies $1

Think about that for a second before I start telling you about the article I found this in, the average broadband internet user used 2 gigs a month and costs their carrier on average of $1 dollar a month. And this comes from BellSouth?s Chief Architect Henry Kafka, so it’s not just some bull shit spouted by somebody on a blog. Now, who here pays close to $1 dollar a month for broadband? Anyone? Bueller? My bill from Charter says I pay way more than $1 dollar a month for my broadband. Now, I realize they have infrastructure costs, repair costs, etc, but, if everyone is paying as much for broadband as I am, they should’ve covered those costs by now and be ready for the surge in demand. As a matter of fact, I’m on a cable broadband service, and if they didn’t start out knowing they were going to need more capacity EVERY month, or day even, then they need to find a new job.

?Over time, the migration from multicasting to video-on-demand and unicasting has a huge impact on what happens in the core of the network,? Kafka said. ?That changes the way we need to look at broadband.?

Today?s average residential broadband user consumes about 2 gigabytes of data per month, Kafka estimated, which costs the service provider about $1. As downloading feature films becomes more popular, they might consume an average of 9 gigabytes per month, costing carriers $4.50.

The average IPTV user will likely consume about 224 gigabytes per month, he added, at a monthly cost to carriers of $112, a giant leap from the less than $5 attributed to Internet use. If that content were high-definition video, the average user would be consuming more than 1 terabyte per month at a cost to carriers of $560 per month.

?Clearly that?s not what the average user is going to pay per month for their video service,? Kafka said. ?That?s why we need help.? Source: Telephony Online.

Ya, they need help all right, they need more people to help them carry all this cash to the bank, need to purchase a couple thousand new wheel barrels and hire some temp workers to move it all. Ridiculous. Even if the average user starts using that much more bandwidth, the price will go down, in cost per gigabyte of bandwidth, as they purchase more. I haven’t even checked out the IPTV stuff yet, but I sure will if it’s going to cost them that much more money, if I’m paying this much for it now, I’m going to use all I can, because you know they will “HAVE” to raise prices in the future.