Top Ten Cybercrime, Viruses and Spyware

Panda Software has released the top ten in cybercrime, viruses and spyware for January 2006, most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan, the free online antivirus solution.

Malware and % frequency
W32/Sdbot.ftp at 2.99%
Exploit/Metafile at 1.99%
W32/Sober.AH.worm at 1.30%
W32/Netsky.P.worm at 1.25%
W32/Gaobot.gen.worm at 0.90%
W32/Tearec.A.worm at 0.80%
Trj/Torpig.A at 0.80%
Trj/Qhost.gen at 0.76%
W32/Alcan.A.worm at 0.70%
W32/Parite.B at 0.61%

Since July 2005, Sdbot.ftp has been the threat that has had most impact. This is a script used by certain malware specimens to download, via FTP, the Sdbot worm. It does this by exploiting several operating system vulnerabilities such as LSASS or RPC-DCOM.

Metafile, which first appeared towards the end of December 2005, was the second most prevalent threat in January 2006. This is an exploit or code written to take advantage of a security vulnerability in GDI32.DLL, used by programs such as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. This threat affects the following Windows platforms: Windows 98, Millennium Edition (ME), 2000, XP and Server 2003.

The impact of Metafile, along with the top-ranking position of Sdbot.ftp, once again highlights the success of malware creators in exploiting vulnerabilities in major programs to bolster the impact of their creations.

Here is the spyware ranking for January 2006

Spyware and % frequency
Spyware/ at 1.28%
Spyware/Smitfraud at 0.55%
Spyware/Virtumonde at 0.46%
Spyware/RXToolbar at 0.37%
Spyware/Altnet at 0.35%
Spyware/BetterInet at 0.29%
Spyware/Media-motor at 0.26%
Spyware/SafeSurf at 0.23%
Spyware/MarketScore at 0.22%
Spyware/Petro-Line at 0.20%

January’s spyware ranking shows that first place remains unaltered with respect to the previous month, with (1.28%) in first place. The remaining examples of spyware in the Top Ten all have frequency percentages of less than 1%: Smitfraud, Virtumonde, RXToolbar, Altnet, BetterInet, Media-motor, SafeSurf, MarketScore and Petro-Line. The most notable features of this spyware ranking, with respect to December’s classification, are the appearance of Smitfraud and SafeSurf, replacing Cydoor and Premeter, which last month, held second and third places respectively.

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