Symantec and Hotbar Settle Dispute

It appears the lawsuit between Symantec and Hotbar has been settled, they have come to an out of court agreement, in that, Symantec will drop the suit and continue to classify Hotbar as low grade dog food, er, I mean, low risk adware.

Hotbar’s programs allow users to add graphical skins to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express toolbars and also add its own toolbar and search button. Symantec says that these programs can enable the display of advertisements and track user’s online browsing habits, which can be used to display targeted ads.

Hotbar had repeatedly threatened to sue Symantec for classifying its programs as adware, said Joy Cartun, senior director legal affairs, for Symantec, in Cupertino, Calif. So in June 2005, Symantec filed its own suit with the U.S. District Court of Northern District of California, San Jose Division, to support its right to identify Hotbar’s programs as adware and to provide users with tools to remove the programs. Hotbar protested Symantec’s attempts to classify its files as adware. officials were not available for comment Friday morning. Source: ComputerWorld.

You go Symantec.