Not Using Skype Yet?

Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut. Skype is a little piece of software that lets you talk through the Internet for free. You can talk to anyone else on Skype, wherever they are in the world, and it won’t cost you a thing. Not bad, eh?

If the people you want to talk to aren’t on Skype yet, you can still make pretty cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world using SkypeOut.

Here are the top ten reasons to use skype:

1) Call friends for free, no matter where they are in the world.
2)Download Skype for free, just takes a second or two to install.
3)With already over 60 million users, some of your friends are probably already using it.
4)Make long distance calls at local rates to landlines and mobile phone with SkypeOut.
5)Make sure you can be reached at all times with Skype voicemail.
6)Forward call to your mobile phone or home phone with SkypeOut.
7)Send instant messages when you don’t feel like talking on the phone.
8)Make conference calls for free with up to 5 people!
9)See if the people you want to call are online before you call.
10)Trasnfer files(really big ones)

If you’re not using Skype now, you will be soon, try it now for Free!