Microsoft Has Confirmed Vista Info on Number of Versions

Microsoft has confirmed the info that was leaked last week from a page on Microsoft’s site about the number of versions of Winows Vista.

Microsoft has officially verified the editions for Windows Vista a week after the information leaked when it prematurely appeared on the company’s Web site.

Vista will have six core editions, four aimed at consumers and two aimed at the enterprise, says Neil Charney, Microsoft’s director of Windows product management. The consumer editions are Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Ultimate; the business editions are Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise.

The editions confirmed by Charney are the same ones listed on a Microsoft Web site last week, one the company said was being used for testing and offered “incomplete” information. The only difference between editions reported last week and the ones confirmed by Microsoft is that the starter edition–a stripped-down, low-priced version of the OS aimed at emerging markets–is branded with the “Vista” label. The Web site, which Microsoft shut down after its information appeared in published reports, said Starter would not have the Vista brand. Source: PC World.

Microsoft has said that they will be doing away with the Media Center version and rolling all of it’s features into the Home versions of Vista. They will also be includng the Sidebar, Sidebar is a bar that appears on the desktop that allows user to view information–such as news, stock prices, and weather — through mini-applications Microsoft calls Gadgets.