Microsoft Announced Office 2007 Pricing

The software maker said they were loads of new features and no price increases.

Microsoft on Wednesday offered further details on the next version of Office, announcing plans for a new home version as well as new server-based products and a new high-end enterprise edition of the desktop suite.

The software maker also offered pricing details for some, though not all, of the new products. In general, Microsoft said both businesses and consumers should expect to pay about the same for the new Office as they have paid for past versions.

“We do not expect our customers to notice any significant change in our pricing,” said Parri Munsell, a group program manager in Microsoft’s information worker unit. Office Standard, for example, will sell for $399, while Office Professional will sell for $499. Also, as widely expected, the version formerly code-named “Office 12″ will be known as Office 2007 when it ships in the second half of this year. Source:

The biggest change is they are replacing the Student and Teacher edition with a $149 Home and Student edition, and that it is removing outlook from this version.