Secure Computer Sued over Deceptive Advertising

I posted an article on RealTechNews about Washington State Sues Fake Spyware Cleaner, well apparently Microsoft was invloved in that case as well, according to, they helped research the case and provided technical assistance. Microsoft is accusing Secure Computer of violating it’s trademarks to mislead people into thinking Microsoft either sponsored or approved the spyware cleaner.

Microsoft and Rob McKenna, the Attorney General for the State of Washington, have filed lawsuits against Secure Computer from New York State and several unnamed individuals.

Secure Computer is accused of using deceptive advertising to sell its $49.95 Spyware Cleaner software.

Users are presented with pop-up ads, search engine ads or spam emails offering a free online spyware scan of their hard drives.

The software then labels innocuous system files as ‘high risk spyware’ and advises consumers to buy the software to remove the pest.

The case is first in Washington State to be filed under a local anti-spyware law. If found guilty, Secure Computer could be fined up to $100,000 per violation. Source: Vnunet.

As Nelson from the Simpsons would say, ha ha!