Microsoft Releases Software Development Technologies

Today Microsoft released a couple key development technologies for the upcoming Windows Vista, these are part of WinFX, the programming model that is being introduced with Vista.

The release is “a significant checkpoint” on the road toward delivery of the company’s new programming model, since it allows developers to build and deploy applications on their core production systems, said Ari Bixhorn, director of Web services strategy at Microsoft.

WinFX combines Microsoft’s existing .Net programming model with new tools for more easily linking software over the Internet, displaying data and creating business systems, Microsoft said. It will be shipped with Vista and also made available in versions for Microsoft’s current client and server operating systems, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, Bixhorn said.

The programming model includes the application programming interfaces used by millions of developers to build software that runs on Windows. Microsoft’s goal in certifying parts of WinFX for production use–ahead of Vista’s launch–is to entice developers to create new programs tied to the new development model, thus driving demand for Vista. Source:

There are giving everyone the go ahead to start using this in production because they have been testing it the past year with some early adopters. Because it is backwards compatible, software developers can start developing their software now, and not have to wait until Vista is released.