Dell Joins the Overclocking Crowd

Speaking at this weeks CES in Las Vegas, Michael Dell has entered the overclockers club with the latest version of their XPS desktop.

Speaking to a crowd at the Consumer Electronics Show here, the Dell Computer founder showed off a new gaming PC that includes several high-end components, including a “factory overclocked” 4.26GHz Intel Pentium Extreme Edition.

Dell’s Limited Edition XPS 600 Renegade, which is expected to be available this quarter, also includes four Nvidia graphics processors in an airbrushed fiery red case designed by Michael Lavallee.

This thing looks SWEET! I’m sure it will be way to expensive, and the AMD crowd is already jumping all over it in the comments section of the article.

Click here for a large pic, and click here for the video of Michael Dell introducing the Limited Edition XPS 600 Renegade.

Dell's Limited Edition XPS 600 Renegade