BPI wins File-Sharing Case

Two men have been found guilty of illegally swapping music online, after they refused to settle out of court. This is one case out of 139 that were filed by British Phonographic Institute, of which the majority have already settled out of court, some paying up to 6,500 pounds to avoid the court case. The are another 51 cases still pending in which they have until January 31 2006 to settle the cases out of court. BPI has claimed that illegal file sharing has cost the UK recording industry over 650 million pounds over the course of the last two years. According to Vnunet.com:

The British Phonographic Institute (BPI) has won a landmark court case after two individuals were found liable for illegally swapping music online. They now face bills running into thousands of pounds.

In the first cases of their kind to be heard in the British courts, a man from King’s Lynn and a father of two from Brighton have both been ordered to stop sharing files illegally and to pay costs and damages.

The music trade association, which declined to name the individuals, began proceedings against the man from King’s Lynn in August 2005.

The High Court rejected his defence that the BPI had no evidence of infringement, and he has been ordered to make an immediate payment of ?5,000. Total costs are estimated at ?13,500 and damages are expected to take the bill even higher. Source: Vnunet

This just goes to show you should always settle out of court, hehe.