AMD’s Forums Hacked and a WMF Exploit Added to thier pages

Apparently, someone hacked AMD’s forums and and added a link to a windows meta file image hosted at, a well known distributor of adware and spyware, so whatever you do, don’t visit that site, that’s why I did not hyperlink it.

As typical with many webpages, AMD’s forum pages have external php scripts that are loaded with the iframe tag in the webpage. One of those scripts, in turn, calls up a 16 kilobyte image called xpladv586.wmf that was being hosted at, which is a well-known adware site. Several users reported that their anti-virus and anti-adware programs detected the WMF as containing a Trojan horse and promptly sent the file into quarantine. They have also posted several pages worth of messages to other forum members detailing what they did to clean up their computers and stop future threats. Source: TGDaily.

This has since been fixed, according to AMD here, but they did not say how it happened to start with. To protect yourself, if you have not already updated your software, the patch can be grabbed from here or by using Windows Update from Microsoft.