Protecting your computer from spyware

Your computer is like this big red shiny apple, and spyware is the ugly fat green worm eying it. If the apple has no protection (insecticide) the worm will invade it, take chunks out of here and there until the apple reaches a point where it cannot be sold or eaten. It gets thrown away & destroyed.

Spyware will equate a computer to the same fate as the apple: useless and unwanted. Unfortunately, the Internet has become this field of nothing but ugly worms. Sure, there are some clear patches here and there, but for the most part if your computer has no spyware protection – it might as well be an apple left in the middle of a worm farm. Yes. It’s that bad.

It didn’t used to be that bad; however, spyware has grown ever more complicated over the years. It used to be a simple feat to rid a computer of it. However, spyware is now being packaged (bundled) into software from even the most seemingly innocuous places and companies.

For example, Sony has just landed (November, 2005) in a pot of hot-water for releasing a software package that installed a root level spyware program whereby Sony neither disclosed its installation, nor offered a means to uninstall it until the public demanded it. Many companies sadly have alternative agendas counter to their public personas.

A computer actively surfing the internet with no spyware protection will become so infected with spyware in no time that it will essentially become unusable. Try to go to Google to do a search. Nope. Try to do some shopping. Nope. Try to disconnect from the Internet. Nope, can’t do that either. Spyware will control a computer, track wherever the surfer visits, and open a nice and wide two-way door for uploading and downloading whatever data it wants.

All hope is not lost. There are some good insecticides out there to protect your shiny apple, as well as the hair on your head; because if you get a malicious spyware program on your computer, you’ll be pulling it out by the handfuls.

One of the best programs out there for preventing the installation of spyware, as well as cleaning-up spyware infected computers, is a software package from Panda Software ( Panda Software fully understands how spyware works, so well in fact that their Platinum Internet Security 2006 Suite won the coveted PC WORLD?s “Best Buy” title in their November 2005 magazine issue.

Panda Software went up against all the big names; Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, and Zone Labs and walked away as the top choice. The Panda Platinum Internet Security 2006 Suite was the only one to eliminate 100% of running processes ahead of all the others. It is a surefire worm killer.

More details about the recent report as well as where and how to buy it can be located here.

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