More on Wikipedia

I had posted an article on about Wikipedia, and it’s credibility as a serious research tool. The man who posted the false information in one of the two Wikipedia scandals, has confessed and apologized to John Seigenthaler Sr., the former publisher of the Tennessean newspaper and founding editorial director of USA Today.

“I knew from the news that Mr. Seigenthaler was looking for who did it, and I did it, so I needed to let him know in particular that it wasn’t anyone out to get him, that it was done as a joke that went horribly, horribly wrong,” Chase was quoted as saying in Sunday editions of The Tennessean.

Chase said he didn’t know the free Internet encyclopedia called Wikipedia was used as a serious reference tool.

The biography he posted, which has since been replaced, falsely stated that Seigenthaler was linked to the Kennedy assassinations and had lived in the Soviet Union from 1971 to 1984.

Well, at least they know who did it now, hopefully, things like this won’t happen again. Mr. Seigenthaler has said that he will not pursue legal action against Mr. Chase.