Free Adware with Your Music and Videos in P2P

PandaLabs from Panda Software has detected files that are being shared on peer to peer networks that are supposed to contain music and videos, but really only contain adware.

PandaLabs has detected a series of files being circulated across the Internet that supposedly contain music and videos, but also contain an unwanted gift: in order to get the videos and music, users must install adware. The excuse used is that a license is needed in order to play the files, which involves agreeing to install adware. The files received by PandaLabs up until now do not actually contain any type of video or music. However, this possibility has not been ruled out. These files are detected by Panda Software as WmaDownloader.B.

“Although users are warned that adware will be installed and gives the user the opportunity to read the license agreement, it is formulated in clearly abusive terms, and also exploits the fact that few users are aware of the impact that installing this spyware program can have on their computers, as this spyware allows many other threats to get into the system,” explains Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs. “What’s more, it is important not to forget that in the samples received by PandaLabs, the system is even more fraudulent, as there is not even a video or music file.”

An active x control is needed to install the toolbar and is displayed if the users security setting are above Low, but if the security is set too low, no warning will be displayed and the control will be installed without asking. Windows Media Palyer 9 is also needed. Source: