180Solutions Sues Zone Labs

Speaking of big ugly green worms, 180 solutions has filed suit against Zone Labs, for, and I quote,

At the heart of 180solution’s suit is the assertion made by San Francisco-based Zone Labs that 180′s products try to monitor a user’s “mouse movements and keyboard strokes.”

I posted about this on the RealTechNews website and they accused me of sloppy reporting because I was talking about other things they were doing, not wether they are keylogging or not. Well, who cares? Only 180 and everyone they give a paycheck too. I have not looked at the Zone Labs product, but I am assuming when they are listed as high risk, they are automatically removed, and maybe when they aren’t flagged as high risk, they are not automatically removed. Anyone who uses the product want to tell me for sure?

Such a characterization has damaged the reputation of the products, 180solutions contends, prompting one potential business partner to postpone a deal and many of 180solutions’ users to uninstall the software, according to a copy of the suit obtained by CNET News.com.

Damages their reputation, excuse me while I finish laughing…..

Okay, how can anyone damage their reputation? Search for 180solutions and see what comes up on google and any other search engine.

The suit comes as 180solutions attempts to improve its public image and continues to take fire from anti-spyware groups, which characterize many adware products as computer-privacy time bombs.

Now, 180solutions is firing back. In the lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of King County, Wash., last month, the company claimed that Zone Labs identified both the Zango and 180search Assistant applications, which deliver pop-up ads to users as they perform Web searches, as a “potential threat to the user’s security and/or privacy.”

They are a threat to users, they have to know where the users are going to pop up those ad’s, if they didn’t know what or where, then how would they pop up targetted ad’s?

Just look at some of the recent evidence from some of the esteemed spyware researchers, Spyware Warrior, Sunbelt and Wayne Porter. Read some of the older stuff you can find on google and you’ll see what they were like, so they’re not that much different now, they are just trying to fly under the radar. I don’t know why I am getting myself all worked up about it, I’ll just keep removing them from every pc I come in contact with, and maybe someday, somebody somewhere will finally decide this stuff is illegal and they will go away, until they come up with some other scheme to make money.

Anyway, if you ever see any pop ups on your computer that mention zango, 180solutions, search assistant, etc, then you have their programs installed and they can be removed by all of the free programs, like adaware and spybot, search and destroy.