180Solutions Fixes Their Security

In an article posted at News.com, 180 Solutions announced that they have upgraded their security to keep some of their distributors from forcing their crappy software on users.

This is so funny, it’s taken me a couple hours to actually write this. First, if they have distributors who are forcing this stuff on users computers, then you get rid of the distributors, you fix your distribution model, it would be so easy for them to figure out who is doing this stuff. If they would police thier affiliates, it would fix a lot of OUR problems.

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of many months of hard work focused on building technology that is more resistant to unauthorized, nonconsensual installations of our software,” Keith Smith, CEO and co-founder of 180solutions, said in a statement.

Must stop laughing….

In addition to launching the new Seekmo Search Assistant, which will notify 180solutions of fraudulent downloads, the company announced that it will do away with 180search Assistant, one of its more controversial products.

Everybody remember that name “Seekmo Seach Assistant”, as it will probably be the software you will see after you have been blind sided by a driveby install, hehe. And I wonder what they mean by do away with, that probably just means that they won’t be advertising it anymore, it will still be forced on your pc’s by their “affiliates” since they can’t “track” this version. Will still be seeing it five years from now I bet.

The new software from 180solutions tracks and identifies compromised distribution channels through several different sources, including customer feedback. If the data reveals a potential fraud, then the company will notify customers who may be affected and will allow them to uninstall the software with “one-click removal,” the company said in statement.

Now there is an innovation, allow the user to uninstall it with one click, if every piece of software was this easy to uninstall…. wait, most software is that easy to uninstall. Most software allows removal thru the control panel, ah well, maybe they will catch up one day, we can’t blame them, they just write the stuff….wait, we can blame them.

“This takes away the financial incentive of fraudulent downloads,” said Sean Sundwall, a spokesman for 180solutions.

Hehe, it doesn’t take away the financial incentive for 180 solutions, we’ll still be seeing this stuff for years, who are they trying to kid.