Ultra Mobile PC’s and the Once a Week Battery Charge

I know, the title’s a little misleading, but that is how they are promoting it. What it means in all actuality, is thet it will sit in stand by mode, the actual running time, meaning in use, is about 8 hours, which is still pretty good. This is from an article on tgdaily.com,

David Perlmutter, vice president and co-general manager of the company’s Mobility Group and in charge of the development of key components, spent some time on the ultra mobile PCs or UMPC category, which Intel CEO Paul Otellini briefly mentioned in his August keynote. The UMPC, a miniature variation of today’s notebooks, is scheduled to be commercially available late next year, will come in a size and weight not much greater then a common handheld.

While details how Intel wants to achieve this goal were scarce, Perlmutter mentioned that the device will be based on “a scaled-down version of a Pentium M processor.” The UMPC will provide full PC capability, which can handle most common computing tasks, including web-browsing, e-mail and even computer games. “It won’t be as strong as a standard PC”, he explained, “but it will have more computing power than what we had in PCs only two years ago.” According to Paul Otellini, processors for UMPCs will consume about 0.5 watts and be able to run Windows Vista.

Commercial availability of early UMPCs is scheduled for the second half 2006. Perlmutter added that a “breakthrough” for the devices is expected for “2007 or 2008.”

So, hopefully, by the time they are actually released, they will be as fast as computers are today. I hope they are pretty cool looking, as what I have read it seems they will be perfect for those people who don’t want to carry a briefcase, but need all of their info with them, and be able to fit into a woman’s pocket book. So, they will be too big for your pocket fella’s.

Found this pic on engadget of a mockup they tested in April.

Ultra Mobile PC's

From their article,

So we got a chance to play around with the mock-up for the Ultra Mobile PC, that new concept design for a mini Tablet PC with a 6-inch display that Microsoft was showing off at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference earlier this week. This isn?t really a prototype, since it?s just a plastic model with some dreamy future specs, but Microsoft says that the goal is to have something that?s this small and thin out within a year or two after Longhorn debuts (which means we?ll be reviewing this on Engadget in 2007 or 2008 at best). Even when/if it does come out, the Ultra Mobile PC will still fall squarely into the no-man?s land of portable computers?it?s too big to fit in your pocket and too small to serve as your main machine.

Sounds pretty cool, and it probably could serv as your main machine if you could plug in your mosue, keyboard and monitor. May also be handy for GPS programs for use in your car.

Just found this pic on this blog, check it out, a manufacturing company has started added some of those big pockets on the inside of your jacket to carry these devices in, pretty cool.