Xbox Controllers Work on PCs

The new controllers for the Xbox 360 will work on Windows XP based computers as well. The controller, when sold by itself will include a driver for the Windows XP operating system, and the one that comes with the Xbox 360 will work with Windows XP based PCs after the driver has been downloaded. This from

“Gamers can simply unplug their controller from their Xbox 360 system and plug it into their Windows XP-based PC,” Chris Donahue, director of Windows gaming at Microsoft, said in a statement. “This is a great breakthrough for the gaming industry as we make it easier for developers to create multiplatform titles.”

The controller features a new design meant to improve ergonomics. It also offers “force feedback vibration support” and a button layout.

This is a great feature, now you won’t be buying two seperate controllers, unless, ofcourse, you need different functionality, such as a joystick or steering wheel. Good move Microsoft.

The controller, which features a 9 foot cable, will sell for $39 and is already available in the US, and will be released soon in Asia and Europe.

Last month, Microsoft said the Xbox 360 would come in two flavors: a base model for $299 and a souped-up version with a 20GB hard drive and wireless controllers for $399.

The company is trying to alter a current-generation console landscape in which archrival Sony has sold 75.6 million PlayStation 2s worldwide, compared with Microsoft’s global sales of just 19.8 million Xboxes, according to IDC analyst Schelley Olhava.

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