Will Customer Support Go Away?

Was reading this article on news.com about Dell, and it included links to articles I guess I missed the first time around, including several about how they are closing their messgae boards. Why would they do that? On message boards you end up with a following who help answer questions of all sorts, such as why did this quit working or what do I need to make this work, etc, etc. The reason they gace was, “The company says the closure is necessary because authorized Dell representatives–and not customers–need to handle the oh-so-complicated issues that were being handled on the message board.”

This is so dumb, why would a company want to add more things to do for an already overworked support department? Why add more stuff to these people we can’t understand to start with, why wouldn’t you want your customers to be able to come to your site and search for an easy answer to their problems? I just don’t get it. In closing the boards they will also loose valuable traffic from search engines who will send users looking for solutions to thier problems and possibly looking to be solutions, where will they go? To another website who will help them. I wish I had started a forum years ago when I thought about it, but I didn’t feel I had the time to support it, what I didn’t understand was other people would eventually show up to help.

Dell needs to wake up and read the internet, stories of Dell Hell and hundreds of other horror stories do nothing to help their image and here they go and dump a valluable resource for their customers. Maybe it’s time to look at HP, they have been making strides of late and are becoming more popular all the time. Me, I’m gonna build my own and use this killer laptop I got from Sager until it dies.