Sony Runs Jesus Ad

From an article on, Sony’s Italian division has run an ad that featured a young man wearing a crown of thorns with the slogan “Ten years of passion”, and has already pulled the ad because of complaints from Catholics.

Some Catholics were outraged by the advertisements, which ran in newspapers and magazines to celebrate the product’s tenth anniversary.

“This time they’ve gone too far,” said Antonio Sciortino, editor of Famiglia Cristiana (Christian Family), a mass-circulation Catholic weekly.

“If this had concerned Islam there would have been a really strong reaction,” Sciortino was quoted as saying in the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

What’s going on over at Sony headquarters? Now is not the time to be blowing up, with increaded competition from Microsoft’s Xbox 360, who will be releasing their console in time for the Christmas holiday, they might want to just try to stay out of the news, since all of it has been bad recently. Of course in advertising, any news is good, so what do I know.