Sony and Sandisk Team Up

Sony and Sandisk have teamed up to new hybrid memory stick, from,

a SanDisk and Sony Memory Stick mash-up called the Memory Stick Micro or the hipper sounding ?M2″. We say: Shouldn’t the real name have been the SanStick? Or does thats sound too much like a non-stick frying pan?

SanDisk Corporation and Sony Corporation today announced the development of the Memory Stick Micro format, an ultra-small IC recording media designed to meet the growing storage needs of highly compact, multifunctional mobile phones. Licensing for the development of Memory Stick Micro compatible hardware will begin October 3, 2005.

Memory Stick Micro media is approximately one-quarter the size of Memory Stick PRO Duo media, yet only about 1.2 mm thick. The media’s edges are slotted lengthwise to allow for more slim-line designed connectors to reduce space in host devices. As dual-voltage media, Memory Stick Micro supports devices operating at 3.3 volts and 1.8 volts. More from the press release here.

I’m sure we are close to the end of seeing hard drives in lots of stuff, like Apple iPods for example, as memory technology keeps getting better, it’s surely the right way to go.