Dutch Trio Hacked 1.5 Million Computers

According to an article on Yahoo.com from the Associated Press, 1.5 million computers were hacked and included in a zombie network that was used to gather paypal and ebay account info, credit card information, personal info, and were planning to use the computers in a denial of service attack against a US company to blackmail them into sending them money. Sounds like a busy little business they had going.

The three, who were arrested Oct. 6 and originally were estimated to have hacked 100,000 computers, have yet to enter a plea.

A court in the town of Breda extended the custody of the 19-year-old main suspect and a 22-year-old accomplice for a month Thursday, and ordered the release of the third, aged 27, pending trial, prosecution spokesman Wim de Bruin said. The suspects’ names have not been released.

The software the hackers used, a variation of the worm known as “W32.Toxbot,” was first detected this year. Antivirus software can remove it, but the hackers adjusted the program constantly to defeat protections.

The existence of the “zombie network” of infected computers was first detected by Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL. The company noticed unusual activity coming from a handful of its users’ infected computers, said the company’s chief technical officer, Simon Hania.

The company traced the network as far as it could, and then turned the matter over to prosecutors.

It’s amazing what people try to get away with, hope they get a nice cell with a very large roommate who is very interested in their personal hygiene.