Computer Mods has a huge modding section, for all of you computer modders out there. I haven’t had a chance to build one of my own yet, but that will come soon enough. The have many different computer modding contests at Extremetech, and they are opening a bi-weekly case mod column covering the gamut of case mod topics, so practice up and get reay to jump in.

The art of computer modding has spread. Once mysterious and arcane, it’s not mainstream nor does it want to be mainstream. Modders created the first windows in personal computers?now a lot of PCs come with windows. Modders took lighting from car auto shops and lined their cases with them?now there are lights designed precisely for computers. Modders devised massive fans, liquid cooling, stunning paint jobs, and all kinds of other stuff that today sits on the shelves of Internet superstores dedicated specifically to modding.

Check out this case mod posted at,

TheGreatSatan has constructed a life size R2-D2 system that is actually a high performance gaming system complete with a VapoChill unit. How awesome is that. One little problem with a life size R2-D2 is indeed the size but hey – if he?s got the room – go for it!

Plus they have a link to a nice article on Overclocking the AMD Athlon X2 3800+ here,

When overclocking, the best advice is really some old advice, isolate, then consolidate. what this means is we will find the max overclock for the CPU, board, and memory individually, then consolidate them to find the best balance between each component in our system. To cut directly to the chase, here is an excellent overclocking article for an AMD 64 system, written by ThunDA at DFI Street, with each step clearly explained. Since we are using a fully water cooled system, our overclock should end up being close to the max for this processor.

I guess I’m just rambling about Computer Mods here, but found a few nice articles on it and decided to post them. If you have any nice links to computer mods you have created, feel free to post links here.