Atari 2600 Once Again

Atari has decided to do something I think is fantastic, they are re-releasing the Atari 2600! So should you start looking for all of your old games? Nope, they are included in the console, it comes loaded with 40 classic games. There has been lots of retro stuff lately, everyone playing these old roms on their pc’s, or thier xbox, etc, now you can have the original joystick in your hand, so it feels like old school as well. This from,

Fans of Atari everywhere should rejoice. The 2600 console, originally released in 1977, has been re-released so you can play all of your old favorites once again. The new console is called the Flashback; and instead of buying the games separately, they’re included inside the console itself. Atari’s description says:

Atari Flashback 2 is modeled after the beloved Atari 2600 console, making it the ultimate re-creation of the classic gaming experience. Loaded with 40 classic games including Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, Millipede, Lunar Lander, Breakout, Missile Command, Combat, among others, as well as retro game and arcade classics that have never before been released for the home console, Atari Flashback 2 will feature the same wood grain paneling and look of the Atari 2600, and will capture the feel through two classic joysticks for multi-player competition and vintage controls.


Long before Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there was Pong, a simple video game from Nolan Bushnell and the folks at the original Atari Inc. Two paddles, one ball and no Hot Coffee mod to unlock hidden sex scenes. THAT was gaming.

The Atari brand has traded hands in the years since Pong hit the scene, but the new owners are still milking some mileage out of this game and 39 others with Atari Flashback 2. This $30 device offers a fun and affordable glimpse into the gaming’s past ? one that, for better and worse, looks nothing like the present.

I can’t wait, I want one for Christmas, they will be available at, and many others on October 17 2005.