So big, it invites derisive comparison with your mother?s considerable posterior.

Is that a sales line, or what?

It is if you are woot.com. I’ve been visiting this site daily for weeks now, and I think everyone else should know about it also. What is it? It’s a sales site that sells really cool stuff really cheap. Like todays woot, an InFocus ScreenPlay 61 inch DLP High Definition TV for only $2799.00, or $2499.00 after a $300 dollar rebate. Beat that price ANYWHERE else. The cheapest I have been able to find it is for about $3999.00! This is just one example, everyday they post a new item until they sell out or it’s time for the next item at 11:59 central time. Usually they sell out early, but it’s understandable it would take all day for them to sell out on a single $2500 item. Click the link and bookmark them so you don’t forget, I know I won’t, I’ve purchased atleast 4 different items so far, one of which I actually needed. ;)

BTW, they are also pretty funny, this is in the item description for the big screen, “It?s way more sweet than a can of Grape Soda. It?s got more features than inversions says Yoda.”