Windows Vista and Tablet PC’s

Microsoft has been releasing some Windows Vista related news as well, talking about how it will make tablet pc’s better, by allowing people to enter examples of their writing to allow the operating system to better recognize what they write. They are trying to make tablet pc’s work better, since some people were becoming frustrated with them and their operation.

Microsoft is trying to make tablet technology more pervasive in Windows Vista, as opposed to the niche product it’s been to date. In order to take advantage of tablet features in Windows XP, a computer had to be running the specialized Tablet PC edition of the OS. With Vista, Microsoft appears ready to broaden this considerably.

“To date, developers have had problems redistributing Tablet PC technology,” Microsoft said in a white paper posted to its developer Web site. “In part to address this, Tablet PC technologies are ubiquitous across all Windows Vista editions.”

In Vista, the “personalize handwriting recognition” feature presents two options. For those having a problem with a particular letter, word or phrase, there is a “target specific recognition errors” window. For those who are having more pervasive problems, there is an option to provide a more extensive set of samples–from A to Z.

With Vista, tablets will learn not only how users write particular words but also which words they turn to frequently, making those more likely guesses in cases where the software is unsure which word was meant. The software will also adopt Web sites and e-mail addresses that are not part of its standard dictionary.

Sounds like they are on the right track, it would be impossible for the OS to include thousands of samples of handwriting so it could guess what you said, allowing you to include your own samples should be a huge step to making them better. Go here for more.

In a related story, this week at the software giant’s Professional Developers Conference, Gates rallied the troops–software developers, Microsoft’s most important audience–to build enthusiasm for Vista, the oft-delayed new version of Windows, and Office 12, an update to Microsoft’s most profitable franchise.

Gates’ mantra hasn’t changed much in 20 years: The PC is the center of the computing universe, and Windows, along with Office and other products, represents the best platform for new software development. What is new, and is much in evidence this week in Los Angeles, is the growing influence of Web-based development.

They also ask Gates many Google related questions, worth a read.