Wanna Know a Secret?

Just read this great article on PCWorld.com, it’s called 20 Things They Don’t Want You to Know. They are manufacturers, technology companies, etc, trying to sell you stuff, like cpu’s, extended warranties, game consoles, etc. The first one is one I thought a lot of people knew, but it may not be so it is definately worth retelling here.

Most CPU’s are actually capable of faster speeds, mostly, although some are not and you may even damage them. It’s called overclocking your CPU and it’s been around for a long time, and companies have tried to block it or slow it down while others, such as some motherboard manufacturer’s encourage and market their products that way. Most manufacturers set a minimum speed their CPU’s can run and sell them at that speed, even though they may be able to run a little faster, or in some cases, like when they switch manufacturing processes, a LOT faster. Anyway, I will let you read their article, there is some good info there, like the article on extended warranties or the one on useless specs.