The Moodgrapher

Ever wonder about the general mood of the internet? Wether everyone who is posting on their blogs are happy, sad or mad? Well, I hadn’t either, but if you have, there’s a great new tool that is trying to track it and predict the future moods of the internet. It’s called the Moodgrapher and it uses LiveJournal to track users moods. LiveJournal is one of several simple-to-use personal publishing (“blogging”) tool. Bloggers using LiveJournal can report their mood at the time of writing a post; about 80% of the posts indeed have a mood attached to them. Moodgrapher tracks these moods by periodically gathering recent posts from Livejournal, and checking for their “mood report”. It currently tracks about 100,000 posts every day.

It looks pretty cool and from some of their graphs, their algo’s are already close to being able to predict the general mood of the internet. Check the most recent here.

From, “It could definitely turn into a cool little tool if some functionality–namely archiving, date selection or location specifics as they relate to weather or local events–were added. As part of the larger research though, I’m skeptical but interested in how good their predictive technology can get.”