Sony UMD Movie Format and the PSP

Been reading up some on the Sony PSP, my boy wants one for his birthday, and have been reading on how popular the UMD movie format for the PSP has become. According to an article on RealTechNews, Over 8 million UMD movies have been sold for the Sony PSP encouraging Gamefly, the video game rental service, to begin offering flicks via mail-order last month. Netflix says that it is to highly specialized and a marginal niche. They ask, will we be seeing set top boxes to play these UMD movies. I highly doubt it, the picture looks great on the Sony PSP screen, but would not look as good on a TV let alone a big screen.

The disks themselves only hold around 1.8 gigs of storage, so you can’t really fit a good high quality movie on them, you might be able to do tv shows, etc, at high quality, but who would buy those? I don’t think I’ll be buying any for my boys PSP, since we get them all on DVD already, but that will just leave more money for games.

An article on says, “At the Entertainment Media Expo in Hollywood California, Sony executives touted the success of their Universial Media Disc (UMD), specifically movie UMDs. Millions of these 2.3 inch-diameter discs that hold either movies or games have been sold to PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners. Sony believes that movies will make more than 60 percent of UMD sales in the near future.

Sony estimates that they have already sold 9 million games on UMD and 8.2 million movies. Current manufacturing lines are stretched to the max – Bob Hurley, with Sony DADC, says that Sony is churning out 200,000 UMDs a day and future capacity is expected to be 500,000 per day.”

Me, I just want to check out the games for the PSP, as it certainly looks like the best handheld system to date. You can Buy your PSP games and UMD movies here from Sony.