Power Tools for Students

Found this page on Microsoft’s site linking to a bunch of resources for students, and these four power tools to help them do their homework or study. Note For some reason I assumed the four power tools would be free, but ofcourse they are not, all require a purchase except for the free clip art. But, it will save you time and money since you will be able to do all of the research from home.

Your kids can do a great job with even the toughest school projects with just a computer running Microsoft Windows XP and the right information resources. Research no longer requires a trip to the neighborhood library because a whole world of information?and the tools to put it all together?are right at home on your family computer.

Microsoft Student – If your middle- and high-school student is looking for just one resource to help them save time and complete high-quality homework, Microsoft Student might be it. It includes tools to help students find information faster, improve their study skills, and complete their projects.

Microsoft Encarta – Which includes More than 50,000 articles (in the Standard Edition), thousands of sound, video, and image clips, tens of thousands of maps and easy-to-understand, thought-provoking content.

Microsoft Powerpoint – An easy-to-use but sophisticated program, PowerPoint includes dozens of ready-made templates but also allows students to design their own look and feel. Your students can simply plug in their information, choose the slide transitions they want, and give their presentations in the classroom.

Microsoft Office Online Clip Art – No presentation would be complete without some kind of art?a photo, drawing, cartoon, or media clip.