More Music Fallout is reporting that some popular peer to peer file sharing sites are shutting down do to pressure from the RIAA. They reported that Bearshare, eDonkey and WinMX were some of the targets, but it seems that WinMX is the only one down, as eDonkey and Bearshare are still up. They did report that an office in New York of eDonkey had been closed, they also reported no one from any of the networks could be contacted. Like they really want to answer the tough questions from about file swapping and it’s legalities.

The decentralized nature of most peer-to-peer file-sharing software makes it uncontrollable once it is released over the Internet. However, shutting off sites where users first download the software may strangle the flow of new users.

“There’s certainly a big realignment of networks going on after the RIAA letters. Everyone is going to see a fallout since the ruling is making it tough for these companies to exist,” said Marc Morgenstern, vice president for Loudeye, during the Digital Hollywood conference in Santa Monica.

Other Articles:
The Supreme Court has handed movie studios and record labels a sweeping victory against file swapping, ruling that peer-to-peer companies such as Grokster could be held responsible for the copyright piracy on their networks.

The Recording Industry Association of America has sent letters to seven peer-to-peer companies, asking them to halt what the RIAA alleges is their practice of encouraging users to illegally distribute copyrighted material.