Lawsuit filed against 180Solutions

Someone in Illinois has filed a lawsuit against an adware company, one of the biggest and most brazen of them all, 180Solutions. They have been caught stuffing their programs on computers in many different ways, some of the most recent being a security hole exploit on a child porn site, and bit torrent installations.

The complaint on behalf of residents of the United States and the state of Illinois charges that 180solutions downloaded spyware on computers illegally causing a number of damages. 180solutions’ alleged illegal practices include deceptively distributing spyware files and preventing users from removing them, engaging in deceptive misconduct to download its spyware without users’ knowledge or consent, lying to consumers about its spyware, etc.

Hopefully, this one will go to court and not be settled so we can have more and more lawsuits until we can make it to expensive for them to keep forcing themselves on people all over the world.

Counts include computer fraud and abuse, violating Electronic Communications Privacy Act/Wiretap Act (United States), Trespass to Personal Property/Chattels, Consumer Fraud Act, Negligence, Computer Tampering and Invasion of Privacy, (Illinois). Numerous examples are given for each. On page 11, it states “Finally, the public health and safety is also threatened by 180solutions’ spyware because it was distributed at an Internet site (and thus financially supported an Internet site) showing child pornography.”