Kai-Fu Lee Court Case

Has anyone been following the Kai-Fu Lee court case between Microsoft and Google? It sure would be nice to know exactly what was going on between them, what Lee actually did for Microsoft and what Google really wanted him for, etc. I’ve always said, I hope when I die and if I go to heaven, I hope they have a huge library of books or videos so I can go back and see what really happened. Wouldn’t you like to be able to go back and watch the Kennedy assasination, the world trade center terrorist attacks, heck, even the civil war or the first discovery and use of fire. The ultimate fly on the wall.

Anyway, After hearing two days of testimony this week, Judge Steven Gonzalez said late Wednesday that he would review the evidence and issue his decision both in court and in writing on Tuesday morning.

In closing arguments earlier in the day, Microsoft asked the judge to prevent Lee from starting work before a January trial, arguing it would violate a one-year, noncompete agreement that Lee signed when he became a Microsoft vice president in 2000. Google, meanwhile, argued that a proper reading of the contract does not prevent him from doing recruiting work in China.

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update In his 13-page ruling, Judge Steven Gonzalez restricted Lee to recruiting for Google in China and to talking to government officials about getting a license to do business there but said Lee cannot work on technologies such as search or speech. Lee also cannot set budgets or salaries, or decide what research Google will do in China, according to the order. here for the full story.