Is Google Doing Wireless?

There have been rumors about Google launching a free nationwide wireless service, and according to some web pages that were recently found, they are. Speculation about a forthcoming Google WiFi service has been rife since August following an article in Business 2.0 magazine, but the company has refused to discussed its plans.

WiFi internet access is an increasingly popular technology that is used to provide high-speed wireless Internet access in homes, business and public spaces like airports, train stations and coffee shops, mostly aimed at travelers and people not close to their home conneections. Google launched a sponsored WiFi “hotspot” in San Francisco’s Union Square district in April with a start-up called Feeva.

Now, according to an article on, they are launching secure access for their VPN for wireless connections. According to Google, “One of our engineers recognized that secure WiFi was virtually non-existent at most locations. As a result, he used his 20% project time to begin an initiative to offer users more secure WiFi access. Google Secure Access is the result of this endeavor.” has loads of comments on this one.

So, apparently they are going to offer wireless internet access, hopefully they will be able to cover more than the large metropolitan areas.

update Google, the online search leader, confirmed on Tuesday it has begun a limited test of a free wireless Internet service, called Google WiFi. Google spokesman Nate Tyler said the current test is limited to two public sites near the company’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters–a pizza parlor and a gym–located in the heart of Silicon Valley. “Google WiFi is a community outreach program to offer free wireless access in areas near our headquarters,” Tyler said. more here at