Deploying Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Methodologies

Not sure how many people get these kinds of messages, I’m signed up for loads of stuff, but Cisco is having an online seminar about Deploying Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Methodologies on September 21 2005 at 10am Pacific Time. You can register for it online, here.

Join Steve Collen, Director, Cisco Product and Technology Marketing Organization, as he discusses how to protect your organization against the rising threat of spyware and viruses, which can steal corporate secrets, expose sensitive information, and infiltrate your network or even bring it down. In this session you will learn:

The scope of the security threat to your organization, as well as the possible negative effects on productivity
Why spyware is so hard to detect and remove
How workstations get infected and what you can do to help prevent it
How behavioral-based technologies solve the inherent limitations of spyware detection tools on the market today
How to deploy these technologies in your organization

Topics Include:
Defining the risk of spyware and viruses
What you need to know when evaluating anti-spyware and anti-virus solutions
How to see what is really running on your workstations
Deployment and defensive recommendations for large enterprises
How the Cisco Security Agent complements “traditional” anti-virus software
Gaining “out of the box” server policy protection
Agent and policy deployment techniques and capabilities
And a Live Q&A.