Athens Display Series

I think this picture says it all.

athens display series

I think I am going to need a bigger desk. ;)

Found this post on realtechnews, and I agree, this monitor is something else. No prices listed yet, would probably make me cry if I saw it anyway.

Marvel. Because there is nothing quite like it. With 5 widescreen UltraSpeed LCD Panels featuring resolutions of up to a mammoth 19200 x 2400 Pixels, the new Athens Display Series brings desktop views and resolutions to unheard of new heights. Featuring ‘s Ultra-Speed Display Technology and available in both HR and for the first time in available 3D LCD configurations, the all-new Athens Display Series is exclusively custom-built in an all-aluminum design, breaking grounds in every engineering and design detail, making every other monitor out there look like… well… just a monitors.

It does say this on the main page, so this may not be available for awhile.

Presently, no new pre-orders are being taken for any current or future products and all new hardware and software product development roadmaps are under re-structuring. Equally, no technical, post sales and updated drivers for existing L products are being supported till further notice.