Microsoft Magnifier

Microsoft Narrator is an accessibility option designed for blind or visually-impaired users. Another tool that assists with on-screen viewing is Microsoft Magnifier. It’s like holding a magnifying glass up to the screen.

To open Microsoft Magnifier, select Start, Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, Magnifier. Click OK to close the informational dialog box. You’ll now see a magnified area at the top of the screen. What you see here will vary depending on the options selected in the Magnifier Settings dialog box. Don’t like the Magnifier’s behavior? Feel free to change it using the Magnifier Settings dialog box.

For example, If you want the magnified area to follow your mouse, select “Follow mouse cursor.” Or, if you find it confusing to see an exact duplicate of what you’re working on at the top of the screen, try selecting Invert colors.

Want to zoom in on something even closer? Increase the magnification level from the default 2.

To turn off the magnifier, click the Exit button. Or, right-click its Taskbar item and select Close.