Win-XP kills Verizon DSL

Note: Really nice article on On Friday morning my Verizon DSL Internet access died. This was hardly unusual, so I paid it no mind and simply took an unscheduled long weekend. But Saturday morning it was still dead, and there were no reports of service outages in my area. Clearly this would require some looking into.

I experimented a bit and came to suspect that the issue was on Verizon’s side. And so it was, with an interesting twist courtesy of Microsoft, I eventually confirmed; but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have any social obligations until Saturday night; when all was said and done, Verizon had taken seven hours of my time in exasperating, repetitive, futile interactions with their tech support staff, and no doubt a few months off my lifespan.

Click here for more. The next article is a link to Microsoft that discusses the “hack” for the fix.