Microsoft Windows XP Fast User Switching

Microsoft Windows XP is a new operating system based on Windows 2000 technology. Fast User Switching is a new feature in Windows XP that leverages the data separation technology of Windows NT profiles and provides a fast and convenient mechanism for switching between user accounts.

Windows XP is a personal system; each user of the computer gets a separate Windows account. So, in a family of three, Mom, Dad, and Billy each get an account. Individual Windows accounts represent a departure from Windows 95 and Windows 98, in which all users in a household typically shared one account.

Windows XP introduces the Fast User Switching feature. In Windows XP, it is not necessary for a user to log off the computer. Instead, the user’s account is always logged on and the user can switch quickly between all open accounts. For example, Dad comes home and starts using his machine. He opens Microsoft PowerPoint and starts working on a document. Billy then comes up to him and asks to use the computer. Billy goes to the Welcome screen, clicks Billy Smith, logs on, and starts playing a game. Meanwhile, Dad remains logged on; Dad’s PowerPoint presentation is open and his Internet connection is preserved. If Dad wants to, he can switch to his open account without logging off Billy. In essence, with Windows XP many users can simultaneously use the computer.

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